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Inside the kit you will find:

Fresh Dry Dehydrated cherries 200 g

n.1 Frescosecco-2449

Fresh Dry Dehydrated cherries 200 g bag

Fresh Dried Ginger Dehydrated 200 g

n.1 Frescosecco-2128

Fresh Dry Dehydrated ginger without icing sugar 200 g bag

Fresco Secco fagioli lamon 500 g

n.1 Frescosecco-1693

Fresco Secco Fagioli secchi Lamon Busta da 500 g

Pinoli sgusciati Busta da 1 kg

n.1 Frescosecco-1138

Fresco Secco Pinoli sgusciati Busta da 1 kg

Fresh Dried California Walnuts Shell 500g

n.2 Frescosecco-1735

Fresh Dry Walnuts in shell California 500g envelope

Fresh Dry Banana Chips Tasty Slices

n.1 Frescosecco-1895

Fresco Secco Banana Chips gustose fette di banana disidratata Busta da 250 g

Fresh Dry Dried Pulled Figs 250g

n.1 Frescosecco-294

Fresh Dry Dried Pulled Figs 250 g bag

Fresh Dried sultanas 500 g

n.1 Frescosecco-376

Fresh Dry Sultana grapes 500 g bag

Gastronomiashop Design Citrus fruit Large Box

Citrus fruit Large Box
Citrus Subscription Large Box
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Price : EUR 127.97
Condition: New
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