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Professional Grills and Frytops Professional Grills and Frytops
  Countertop fry topCountertop fry top Countertop fry top
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We always suggest our customers to buy professional appliances, designed and made for both restaurants and home use. Maximum reliability, quality and design made in Italy, ensure a better operation and long life, even for large workloads.
New Countertop Frytops
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New Countertop Frytops
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New Countertop Frytops
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Countertop fry top
New Countertop Frytops
In our store you can find electric fry top with variable power from 3000 W to 9000 W, smooth or ribbed cooking plates and with the possibility of having 1, 2 or 3 different cooking zones adjustable with a special knob. Indispensable in the restaurant industry and also recommended at home. All made in Italy with excellent stainless steel.

New Countertop Frytops
New Countertop Frytops
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 frytop electric
 frytop electric counter
 frytop electric casselin
 frytop electric docsa
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New Countertop Frytops
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New Countertop Frytops
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New Countertop Frytops
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Countertop fry top

New Countertop Frytops
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New Countertop Frytops
New Countertop Frytops


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New Countertop Frytops   New Countertop Frytops
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New Countertop Frytops   New Countertop Frytops