Gastronomia shop Italian Food ecommerce at good prices
Gastronomia shop Italian Food ecommerce at good prices
Gastronomia shop Italian Food ecommerce at good prices
Gastronomia shop Italian Food ecommerce at good prices


Made in Italy

> Food Products Made in Italy

Recipes Spirits and Beverages of Countess Black

> Chestnut liqueur
> Peppermint liqueur
> Imperial coffee
> Bishop Punch
> Mint Long Drink
> Kiwi Cocktail

Recipes of site dishes Black Countess

> Rosemary Potatoes
> black countess
> Imperial salad
> Spicy Vegetable Casserole
> Neapolitan baked Potatoes and Tomatoes
> Onion Puree
> Chicory salad with grapes
> Mixed salad with legumes

Recipes Sweets Black Countess

> Orange Cake
> Fruit tart
> Cake with chocolate and pear filling
> Mostaccioli Christmas cookies
> Lemon Mousse Cake
> Struffoli Neapolitan Christmas cakes
> Ricotta flan with grapes
> Light Persimmon Cake

Delicacies from Sicily

> Tomatoes and tomato homemade preserves at the best price
> Great Oils of Sicily

Dessert Recipes of Black Countess

> Citrus Mousse
> Bicolour Sorbet
> Berry Aspik
> Figs baked
> Happiness Sorbet
> Apricots in foil
> Rum bananas
> Profiteroles with cherries
> Pineapple Crepes

Cakes Pizzas and Savory Recipes Black Countess

> Dumplings with vegetables
> Onion Quiche
> Fennel Pie
> Fine Artichoke Quiche
> Quiche with Shallots and Bacon
> Quiche with cheese and mountain ham

First Course Recipes of Contessa Nera

> Spelt and Grass Pea Soup
> Rustic Vegetable Soup
> Soup Rice and Chard
> Autumn pureed Soup
> Fisherman soup
> Farmer Soup
> Rustic bean soup
> Zite baked with eggplant
> Spaghetti with seafood
> Tagliolini ribbon noodles with saffron sauce
> Bucatini with anchovies
> Pasta and Chickpeas
> Potato soup with chickpeas
> Strozzapreti Noodles in Rabbit Sauce
> Polenta with beans and cod
> Pasta with Baby Octopus
> Soup with shellfish
> Soup mixed fish
> Cavatelli with pork ribs
> Ravioli with eggplant filling
> gnocchi pie
> Farfalle in bell pepper sauce
> Tagliolini Noodles with lamb sauce
> Rice with clams and zucchini flowers
> Typycal Soup from Molise alla Sante
> Linguine pasta with octopus
> Spelt noodles with truffles
> Sea food gnocchi
> Green Ravioli with ricotta cheese
> Tagliatelle Noodles with vegetables
> Soup with homemade pasta and beans
> Soup of red onions
> Macaroni Gratin
> Shells with tuna sauce
> Rigatoni short noodles with meatballs
> Rice with mushroom pesto
> Risotto with Vegetables
> Paternostri Pasta with Ricotta
> Pappardelle Pasta Pears and Cheese
> Penne alla Puttanesca
> Penne with Artichokes and Meatballs
> Vermicelli Noodles with breadcrumbs
> Chicche with bottarga
> Spinach gnocchi in cheese sauce
> Paccheri pasta with tuna
> Pumpkin Risotto
> Passatelli in Broth
> Mushroom soup
> Panissa Bread Soup
> Sedanini Short noodles Salmon and avocado
> tagliolini with zucchini
> Creamy Carrot Soup
> Curry rice with green peppers
> Onions and Tuna
> Tagliolini Noodles with Squid
> Amatriciana otherwise
> Pasta in Squid Ink Sauce
> Fresh Pasta with Cuttlefish Pumpkin and Peas
> Tagliatelle Noodles with Prawns
> Spaghetti with Capuliato Tomato Sauce
> Farfalle with tuna
> Soup with champignon mushrooms
> Penne Salmon and Cream
> Cream Soupe with Cosaruciaru Beans Mazara Prawns and Lavender
> Creamy Soup with Cosaruciaru Beans and Crispy Guanciale

Wines Casa Maschito

> Red Wine La Bottaia from Casa Maschito
> White Wines from Casa Maschito
> Aglianico del Vulture from Casa Maschito

Harvest Farmer

> Harvest in January
> Harvest in February
> Harvest in March
> Harvest in April

Recipes Appetizers Black Countess

> Bruschetta with goat cheese
> Broccoli souffle
> Puff pastries with spinach
> Egg and Cheese Pie
> Baked stuffed eggplants
> Focaccia with Chard
> The Easter omelette
> Big Croissant with sausage and broccoli
> Shrimp croquettes
> Gnocco fritto Fried dough puff
> Rolls of scallops
> Potato Appetizers
> Delicious Canapes
> Ham Rolls with gorgonzola cheese and mango
> Zucchini slices with horseradish
> Bruschetta with cosaruciaru beans and anchovies

Gastronomia shop Italian Food ecommerce at good prices   Gastronomia shop Italian Food ecommerce at good prices
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Gastronomia shop Italian Food ecommerce at good prices   Gastronomia shop Italian Food ecommerce at good prices