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Fresco Secco is able to serve equally well both end consumers and companies that need a catering service at their place of work. the products can be packaged in different sizes and weights depending on individual needs. Response times for delivery are fast and accurate, thanks to the maintenance of strict company standards in the structure. The maintenance of these management and quality standards is expressed in the search for a strong competitiveness with respect to quality and price on the market. Your brand. Our qualityOur quality for your brand. Fresco Secco is able to package and distribute products from the range of both the "fresh" and the "dry" divisions under your own brand. for distribution structures that require a complete, reliable, safe and precise service, Fresco Secco guarantees supply to the various local offices or distribution centres. receiving the packaging material, stored in the goods warehouse attached to the packaging plant, Fresco Secco prepares the products following the same parameters of safety, quality and reliability that it guarantees for its own brands. The company is also organized for the delivery or distribution of quantities at the customer's premises with a fleet of xx heavy vehicles and xx more agile vehicles for quick deliveries. Fresco Secco products are packaged and distributed with different brands and labels, from the historical brand of the company that bears the name of the founder Vincenzo Auriemma, with its derivations, to the product brands for the 0.99 range, recently developed and introduced on the market, and all the products with the Fresco Secco company brand, including the productions of Quarta Gamma, and a rethinking of the entire graphic and communication line is currently underway that will lead the Fresco Secco company to make the products on the shelves increasingly recognizable and identifiable. The same products are packaged, stored and distributed for some private labels and for various accommodation and catering facilities that make food excellence a reason for distinction. The company Fresco Secco is able to meet in this sense even the most special requests and, apparently, difficult of the most demanding starred chefs. Pataị is one of the most popular brands of property. it is a label intended for the marketing of quality potatoes coming mainly from the fields of cultivation located in Sardinia (Medio Campidano, Coghinas and Anglona). The Pataị brand product was almost immediately noticed by the large distribution chains that started to market them in the GD stores, riding the notoriety and recognition of the brand.the places of productionThe Fresco Secco company has its core business in the production of fresh this sense, it favors relationships with local producers (which it selects carefully in order to always correspond to an excellent quality level). The same applies to legumes (especially lentils and chickpeas) and dried cereals. the continuous search for customer satisfaction, constantly pushes the company to include in the range of new references, the result of the current trends in the food market or catering. Currently, some productions have been included in the range, such as: Quinoa, Goji seeds, Chia seeds and other specialties.



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Selected Italian gastronomy regional pro   Selected Italian gastronomy regional pro