Recipes with giarratana onion

Cooking with Giarratana onions

THE GIARRATAN ONION IN CUCINAProtagonist in many traditional recipes typical of Sicilian culture and especially of Ragusa is very sweet, not at all pungent, characteristic of this vegetable, and therefore is excellent consumed raw, in salad, or simply seasoned with oil and salt. Given its size, very large, is often used as a spoon to contain the delicious cooked broad beans of the Modican plateau, its unique organoleptic characteristics, morphological features and, above all, its seasonality make this product sought by local consumers, regional and tourists.Some variants of Giarratana onion that you can taste: Giarratana onion with beer Made exclusively with local craft beer and composed of the following ingredients: Giarratana onions, white wine vinegar, craft beer, raw cane sugar, lemon balm, black pepper, cloves. Giarratana Grappa Onion Enriched with the precious Nero d`Avola Syrah Grappa with the following ingredients: Giarratana Onions, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Nero d`Avola Syrah Grappa, Castor Sugar, Soy Sauce, Chopped Ginger, Garlic, Chilli. Giarratana onion with Marsala Enriched by Marsala dry exclusively Sicilian consists of the following ingredients: Onions of GiarratanaDry Marsala, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor sugar, salt, Thyme sprigSome recipes with onion Giarratana to better enjoy this real garrison foodCipolla Giarratana bakedIngredients for 4 people:2 large onions of GiarratanaOlive oilChilli pepper (if desired)OreganoSalt, pepperPreparation:Peel the onions and wash them well.Cut into not too thin slices and put in a large baking sheet.Season with oil, salt, pepper and oregano and bake in the oven at 180 for about 1 hour (40 minutes for normal onions), turning from time to time.Giarratana Beer OnionIngredients for 8 servings640 gr Arborio rice200 gr Blonde beer1,2 kg Vegetable stock70 gr White onions 'finely chopped'300 gr Grana padano '200 100 and #8242;20 gr Extra virgin olive oil80 gr Butter8 gr Chives To complete80 gr Sicilian black pork speck '8 slices dehydrated'120 gr Giarratana Beer Onions.24 gr Leeks 'fried in rings'4 gr Chives 'a cimette'120 gr Yellow tomatoes 'cut in half'Preparation:Prepare a risotto with onions, oil, rice, beer and broth.Cook for 15 minutes, stir out of the heat crumbled.Pour into the dishes and finish with the whole slice of Sicilian speck, arranging on top in an orderly way the Giarratana onion, the yellow tomatoes in segments, the parmesan (100 gr) with 200 gr of grated parmesan cheese, butter, flaked onion grass, fried leeks, chives and black pepper.Giarratana onion with Marsala beef sandwichIngredients for 8 portions1.2 kg Bread 'n. 8 baguettes with sesame'320 gr Tuma fresh '32 slices'400 gr Panelle 'sliced and fried'48 gr Rocket bagged240 gr Giarratana onions caramelized with dry Marsala48 gr Fresh lemon juice0,5 gr Black pepper 'ground' For our beef960 gr Beef rump 'ground' 20 gr White onions 'minced' 5 gr Garlic 'finely chopped'120 gr Whole eggs6 gr Parsley 'coarsely chopped'80 gr Fresh tomato sauce50 gr Grated bread 'if necessary'100 gr Potatoes 'boiled and crushed'20 gr Soy sauce 'salted'0,2 gr Black pepper ground50 gr Extra virgin olive oil 'to form and cover'Process Mix together the ingredients for the meatballs, adjust salt if necessary.Form eight long cakes in a sausage way, grease with extra oil and keep in the refrigerator. heat the plate and brown the meatballs until cooked, about 6-7 minutes per side. remove them from the heat and put the slices of tuma on top of each to melt gently in the oven.Open the sandwiches in half, sprinkle with salt, extra oil and oregano, toast them in the oven, lay the meatballs on the base of each one and then lay the panelle, add the onions and rocket together, sprinkle with black pepper, sprinkle the lemon and serve.Giarratana Grappa onion with croquettes of AlalungaIngredients for 16 pieces:250 gr Long length 'diced'3 gr Garlic 'chopped'8 gr Ginger4 gr Poppy seeds blue4 gr Fennel seeds20 gr Parsley '10 10 coarsely chopped'6 gr Salt up to 3 gr Castor sugar10 gr Extra virgin olive oilTo bake180 gr Whole eggs25 gr Grana Padano 'grated'3 gr Salt up to 0,5 gr Ground black pepper300 gr Bread panko600 gr Sunflower oilTo finish32 gr Braised Giarratana onions with Syrah grappa, soya and chilli.2 Ginger '32 fillets'Procedure'ProcedureWith all the ingredients season the fish and prepare small balls of 16 grams. prepare the eggs for breadcrumbs, adding salt, parmesan, pepper and beat well. add the chopped parsley to the bread and bread the croquettes. fry them gently. Salt on each croquette, create an onion curl and decorate with ginger. Enjoy and follow our advice on how to cook with Giarratana onion.



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