Who is Fresco Secco

Who is Fresco Secco

Fresco Secco Srl is a leader in the conditioning and distribution of dried fruit, fresh fruit and vegetables, sectors in which it stands out for innovation, quality and commitment. since 1980, the year of its foundation, Fresco Secco has made consumer welfare a philosophy and a corporate mission. This means that the company, in all its components, is committed to maintaining the quality and integrity of the products. for these reasons and thanks to the great experience acquired, today Fresco Secco plays a role of qualified and privileged interlocutor in Sardinia, for the GD and the GDO, in commercial and collective catering alongside numerous restaurants, hotels, canteens, nursing homes and hospitals.The products distributed come from local, national and international supply chains, which work in partnership with Fresco Secco, sharing the best solutions for an increasingly demanding and expanding market. the assortment of products, the flexibility of the service, the constant activity of prevention and monitoring of the processing environment, the attention to storage and transport, the speed of delivery and customization of services, allow the company to offer its customers the best of regional, national and international fruit and vegetable tradition. Fresco Secco, in fact, makes a careful and rigorous choice of growers and cultivated areas, arriving also to provide seeds of selected quality, for cultivation to the various producers who are part of the chain. The entrepreneurial activities of the Auriemma family in the field of potatoes, unroasted dried fruit and dried legumes began in the fifties with the founder Antonio. The activity was carried on - especially in the box of the wholesale market of Viale Monastir in Cagliari - until his death, which occurred in 1970. The activities continued successfully with the guidance of his wife Anna Maria Improta, until in 1980 one of his sons - Vincenzo - together with his partner Mr. Maurizio Pinna, now owners of Fresco Secco, decided to continue the family business with renewed entrepreneurial impulses. today Fresco Secco srl is the result of more than ten years of experience. A company that selects and distributes fruit and vegetables in the range of fresh products and dry or dried products with modern spirit and strength. It has its origins in Cagliari, Sardinia. The activity is developed from the initial marketing of only fruit and vegetables initially in Via del Fangario and then at the municipal market in the city. since 1980, the goal is already clear: to achieve an excellent level of quality and service. The great managerial and operational skills meant that, in the following years, the company needed a significant expansion, first doubling and then quadrupling the work areas first in the headquarters of Viale Elmas in Cagliari and then in Via del Lavoro.In 1990, following a further expansion, the production of dried fruit was started, which was roasted, calibrated and marketed in the new plant. ten years later there was a succession of commercial successes and positive feedback from the market, which led the property to cultivate the idea of professionalizing even more the production system, packaging and distribution.The Fresco Secco project is born, to offer a solid, large and ecologically studied house to the whole production: refrigerated cells, packaging machinery, quality controls and effective distribution systems, allow to widen the market and the opportunities. Fresco Secco S.r.l. is a solid and structured company, which although it is now better known as a regional leader in the processing and marketing of dried fruit, can safely claim to have a solid background and experience with the whole range of fresh fruit and vegetable products, whether locally, nationally or internationally grown. the company covers an area of over 22,000 square meters - and is based in Sardinia, Cagliari in the industrial area of Macchiareddu. With its wide range of legumes, dried fruit and mini snacks, Fresco Secco is establishing itself at regional level as a leading player and as a reference point for the entire sector, both for the high quality standards guaranteed and for the technologies with which it is equipped. Despite the high level of automation, however, each phase is carefully monitored even by specialized personnel, to ensure all possible checks. The Fresco Secco staff is divided into two departments (fresh and dry) as a large team of highly qualified professionals guided by a single objective: to achieve a product of the highest quality. For this reason, in 2010 the pre-audit for the ISO 14001 certification was activated with the consequent improvements on safety, quality and environment and in 2011: the ISO 14001 certification was obtained. The next objective, which we are already working on, is to obtain the IFS or BRS certifications.



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